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On behalf of the Azerbaijan Society of Nuclear Medicine and Endocrinology Club, it is our pleasure to invite you to the 1st Azerbaijan Neuroendocrine Tumor Symposium in Baku, Azerbaijan on 18th February 2017.

We would like to pay my greatest respect to you, and to express a deep appreciation for our collaboration and the assistance provided.

We appreciate your participation so you can share your experience in nuclear medicine and we can have a knowledge exchange, and to enjoy together everything that the city of Baku has to offer.

The symposium is free but places are limited, so registration is required.

Registration is also advisable to save time and to ensure your registration package will be when you arrive.

Registration has ended (250 persons)


Organizing comitee

Symposium Chair: Prof. DrSc. Jamil Aliyev

Symposium Co-Chairs: Aziz Aliyev, MD, PhD; Fuad Novruzov, MD, PhD; Hidayat Mammadzada, MD; Elnur Mehdi, MD; Elturan Ismayilov, MD, MPH


Saturday, 18 February

Time Topic Speaker
14:00—14:30 Registration
14:20—14:30 Opening ceremony and informational movie about Nuclear Medicine Centre Prof. Aziz Aliyev, MD, PhD
1-st session,
Chairmen: Fuad Novruzov, MD, Anar Aliyev, MD
14:30—14:50 Endocrinology aspects of evaluationg Neuroendocrine Tumors Hidayat Mammadzada, MD
14:55—15:10 Neuroendocrine Tumors of Neck Prof. Aziz Aliyev, MD, PhD
15:15—15:35 Respiratory and Gastrointestinal system Neuroendocrine Tumors Prof. Serdar Turhal, MD
15:40—15:55 Diagnostic imaging of Neuroendocrine Tumors Elnur Mehdi, MD
15:55—16:15 PET/CT imaging of Neuroendocrine Tumors Fuad Novruzov, MD
16:20—16:30 Coffee break
2-nd session
Chairmen: Hidayat Mammadzada, MD, Fuad Aliyev, MD
16:30—16:45 Cardiology aspects of evaluationg Neuroendocrine Tumors Fuad Samadov, MD
16:50—17:05 Histomorphology specifications of Neuroendocrine Tumors Bahadur Abbasov, MD
17:10—17:25 Neuroendocrine Tumors: Case based presentation Prof. Serdar Turhal, MD
17:30—17:50 Radionuclide Target Therapy of Neuroendocrine Tumors Prof. Juneyt Turkmen, MD
17:50—18:00 Discussion

What are Neuroendocrine tumors?

Invited Speakers

We have invited speakers to provide an inspiring and uplifting lecture of the topic areas of expertise.

Prof. Dr. Aziz Aliyev

Prof. Aziz Aliyev, MD

Baku, Azerbaijan

Department of Head and Neck Surgery, Azerbaijan National Centre of Oncology

Prof. Juneyt Turkmen, MD

Prof. Juneyt Turkmen, MD

Istanbul, Turkiye

Chief of Nuclear Medicine Department, Istanbul faculty, Istanbul University

Prof. Serdar Turhal, MD

Prof. Serdar Turhal, MD

Istanbul, Turkiye

Department of Medical Oncology, Anadolu Medical Center

Hidayat Mammadzada, MD

Hidayat Mammadzada, MD

Baku, Azerbaijan

Chief of Department of Endocrinology, Baku Medikal Plaza

Fuad Novruzov, MD

Fuad Novruzov, MD, PhD

Baku, Azerbaijan

Chief of Department of Nuclear Medicine, Azerbaijan National Centre of Oncology

Elnur Mehdi, MD

Elnur Mehdi, MD

Baku, Azerbaijan

Department of Nuclear Medicine, Azerbaijan National Centre of Oncology

Fuad Samadov, MD

Fuad Samadov, MD

Baku, Azerbaijan

Department of Cardiology, Therapeutic Clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University

Bahadur Abbasov, MD

Bahadur Abbasov, MD

Baku, Azerbaijan

Department of Pathohistomorphology, Azerbaijan National Centre of Oncology


We thank our sponsors and partners for their generous support of this event


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Who should attend?

Location Information

NETS 2017 will be held in Baku, in Hyatt Regency hotel.

Conference hall


NETS 2017 will be held in the "Quba" auditorium hall of Hyatt Regency hotel.



The conference has adopted a strict no-smoking policy in all of its conference and exhibit areas.

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For safety reasons, security checks will be organized systematically at the entrance of the conference center. Registration on site will not be possible. Your ID will be requested at the entrance of the Conference Center.



Bus: 3, 14, 17, 37, 96 ilə 2, 14, 33, 52, 65, 79, 96

Parking: Self-parking and valet parking are both available.

Taxi services: Dost-taxi, 189, City Taxi

About Baku

The Baku, capital of Azerbaijan Republic with ancient history, natural and geographical conditions, abundant surface and underground resources, favorable climate, international transportation centers, modern and strong infrastructure and developed economy becomes one of the most beautiful capital cities of the region with its considerable strategic importance, as well as urban culture, modernity and beauty. Learn more

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Baku has a temperate climate which will be familiar to visitors from the Turkey and most of the Mediterranian Europe. The Absheron Peninsula is located 29 m below World Ocean level. The climate of Baku and Absheron is of temperate warm semideserts and steppes with Absheron-specific winds. February is a quite cold time in Baku, when the city is in the end of the winter season. During this month, the average temperature for the capital increases very slightly from 3°C up to 6°C.

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