Why the PET/CT scan is so important?

PET-CT scans can help to diagnose cancer, find out how big a cancer is and whether it has spread (stage a cancer), decide whether you can have surgery to remove your cancer, decide which is the best treatment for your cancer, check whether your cancer has come back. A PET-CT scan can also show how well a cancer treatment is working.

Early and accurate diagnosis with selection of the correct treatment plan are important factors for patient survival. PET/CT scan collects data at a molecular level at any point in the body, allowing for early diagnosis of the disease.


You should not eat or drink anything for 6 hours before PET scan. Because the intravenous substance is usually similar to glucose, your blood sugar levels will be checked before the exam. You will wait for 45-60 minutes on a comfortable chair in a specially appointed room after intravenous injection of small amount of substance.